December 4, 2023

I additionally had disappointing outcomes with AI-generated seafood recipes. However that modified once I experimented with ChatGPT extensions, that are mainly third-party apps that work with the chatbot. (Solely subscribers who pay $20/month to entry ChatGPT4, the newest model of the chatbot, can use the extensions, that are activated within the settings menu.)

Within the ChatGPT extensions menu, I chosen “tasty recipes”, which pulls information from the Tasty web site, owned by BuzzFeed, a preferred media website. Subsequent, I requested the chatbot to design a meal plan that included seafood dishes, minced pork, and vegetable sides utilizing the location’s recipes. The bot got here up with an inspiring meal plan, together with banh (a Vietnamese-style sandwich) with lemongrass pork, grilled tofu tacos, and hen noodles.with every little thing you have got within the fridge; every meals suggestion included a hyperlink to a Tasty recipe.

For recipes from different publications, I used Hyperlink Reader, an extension that allowed me to stick an internet hyperlink to generate meal plans with recipes from different trusted websites, like Critical Eats. The chatbot pulled information from web sites to create meal plans and instructed me to go to them to learn the recipes. It took extra work, nevertheless it was higher than an AI-created meal plan.

When doing analysis for an article on a preferred online game sequence, I turned to ChatGPT and Bard to refresh my reminiscence of outdated video games by asking them to do some plot summaries. They obtained essential particulars mistaken concerning the tales and characters within the video games.

After attempting many different AI instruments, I got here to the conclusion that for analysis it was essential to have a look at trusted sources and shortly examine the accuracy of the info. In the long run, I discovered a software that does simply that: Humata.AI, a free net software that has grow to be fashionable amongst researchers, teachers, and legal professionals.