December 2, 2023

Archive – Kerch Bridge, Crimea – Europa Press/Contact/Xinhua – Archive


The deputy prime minister of Russia, Marat Jusnullin, has estimated the price of repairing the Kerch bridge, which connects the Crimean peninsula with the Russian area of Krasnodar, at as much as 1.3 billion rubles -more than 12.7 million euros. .

The Russian authorities denounced on Monday an evening assault on the bridge, an infrastructure that served for instance of the Russian takeover of Crimea in 2014 and that was already the scene of an explosion in October final 12 months.

After studying in regards to the occasion, Moscow immediately accused kyiv of being behind the assault. Though the Ukrainian authorities slip that the occasion could also be a false flag assault. Russian President Vladimir Putin promised a “response” for what occurred.

The explosion on Monday on the Kerch bridge left two lifeless and a minor injured, the daughter of the deceased and for which President Putin requested that every one the mandatory means be made obtainable to him, studies Interfax.