April 14, 2024

Somebody cease this please.

This Saturday Elon Musk has tweeted a easy line that absolutely has made him return to childhood. He has instructed a “dick measuring contest”. Yeah, ruler emoji and all.

Towards whom? There’s no query about it: towards jiu-jitsu fanatic and Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg, the goal of Musk’s wrath earlier than the discharge of Threads.

It’s not clear why Musk was immediately fascinated about arising with a rule to crush Zuckerberg, however Musk has been speaking about penises all weekendso he nonetheless had his personal measurements on the desk.

In the meanwhile it’s only a stake, since Zuckerberg has not responded. In fact, seeing how he has fallen into Musk’s recreation with the combat within the ring, all the pieces is feasible.

What is evident is that that is significantly better than seeing who of the two has the larger member.

Mark Zuckerberg returns to Twitter after 11 years of inactivity to troll Musk in an excellent approach

If Zuckerberg accepts the problem, one thing that seeing how Threads has labored will certainly have raised his ego, somebody, anybody, must intervene.

Is that this our future? Billionaires with no authorized ties, sending footage of their pigs? This can’t be sustained.

Maybe there might be a rational referee—maybe Maye Musk, who has been making an attempt to cease her son from dealing with Musk within the Las Vegas Octagon—to place an finish to this insanity? She is thought to scold her son every so often, so she might as properly speak some sense into him.

Good luck mum Musk, you’re simply the hero wanted to erase this darkish timeline.